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"I was extremely lucky to work with David when he edited my first novel, Loveless. Working with him is so much more than just an impersonal red pen on a manuscript. It's a collaborative experience. The knowledge of grammar, wording, pacing, and structure that he shared with me during the editorial process was smart, generous, and a true learning experience for me. With his guidance, we were able to turn a decent story into a beautifully finished novel."


-- Dev Jarrett, author of Loveless, Dark Crescent, Casualties, and Little Sister

Red Pen Media is new, but our staff has been out in the world of publishing and entertainment for decades. Please feel free to click on the pages above and search through some of our staff's greatest hits!
When you are ready, shoot us an e-mail or message us through social media and we will get a quote out to you or answer you question with a speed that would make Hermes blush.
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"David Hayes is a magnificent writer who always has an idea or ten available at any given moment. It's for this reason I reached out to him to come aboard as co-writer and help me finish my novel, M-Company in the Axis of Evil, at a time when I was frankly blocked. He looked at it and he immediately had solutions to my problems. And as a colleague, I have occasionally shown him projects I was working on that were problematic and he has always known immediately where the problems lie, even when I myself couldn't see them, and had a plethora of valuable ideas and solutions. The multi-talented David C. Hayes is like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins -- he's a one-man band."

-- Andy Rausch, author of Riding Shotgun and Elvis Presley: CIA Assassin

"I’ve worked with David Hayes for the last twelve years and together we’ve written and produced three feature films.  He’s an asset to any project and continually hones his skills while teaching screenwriting at the collegiate level.  You can count on David for a quick turn around and with precise creative notes that will improve the project, no matter the genre. He has a knack for turning ideas into marketable scripts and has a proven track record for success. If you need a script writer, editor, or creative influence then David is your best hire."

-- Brian Skiba, director of Left for Dead, Chokehold and A Christmas Truce

"I was lucky enough to have David edit my horror novel, The Vessel. His professionalism and experience made my work even better, and it’s become one of my top selling books. Ten out of ten, I would recommend hiring David to anyone looking for a great editor."


-- Peggy Christie, author of The Vessel and A Fistful of Dead Folk

"By way of introduction my name is Craig Singer. I'm a NY based filmmaker and former Walt Disney Creative VP - I've had the pleasure of working with & collaborating on a number of projects with David. I find him extremely talented, prompt and overall a wonderful partner. He challenges me and is always open and honest when discussing creative matters - something that allows both of us to bring the best of each other to the table. "

-- Craig Singer, director of Dark Ride and Perkins' Eight