Creative Consulting

Creative direction isn't always easy. Decades of on-set experience, high level advertising experience and creative directorships have allowed the Red Pen Media staff to see the big picture. We can help with project management, distribution in all mediums and marketing of products to a wider audience. There is no project too big and no product too small. If your budget is in millions or in what you have in your pocket, a solid creative consultant will make sure your product has the perceived value you NEED it to have. 
The audience is everything and we specialize in targeting audiences, regardless of who that audience is. Before the cameras roll or the printing presses... press, Red Pen Media can be that partner making sure your audience is getting what they need AND paying for it. Some of our clients are below. Feel free to visit the ABOUT page and tell us about your project so we can let you know how Red Pen Media can help you.
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