Write. Every day.

Writing isn't magic. It is a craft that we practice daily. Decades of experience in any medium you require is what Red Pen Media provides. Ad copy, web copy, feature films, commercials, graphic novels, ghost writing and even academic work is all on the table. Contact us from the ABOUT page to provide a quote that fits your budget.



Copy. Ad. Web.

Copy that sells, informs, commands, persuades... all of it is at your fingertips. We have experience in key-word articles, custom catalog copy, greeting cards, online ads, scripted commercials, book and video back matter, and much, much more. Visit the ABOUT page for a partial list of past clients and to request samples.



Prose. Fiction. Non-Fiction.

Fiction or non-fiction, pop culture or high-level academics, the writing staff at Red Pen Media is equipped to turn a phrase or smack one upside the face with a killer metaphor. Ghost writing is available as well as work-for-hire story creation.



Scripting. Stage. Screen. Comics.


Red Pen Media staff have written it all. Feature films, short films, television commercials, stage plays, adaptations, comic books, graphic novels and more. If it requires a script, it requires us. 




Our writers and editors have not only worked across the nation, but they have taught writing, editing and design innovation at institutes of higher learning all over! Whether it is a faculty position, guest lecturer or publishing academic work in peer-reviewed journals, we have what you need.

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